Casa Gabriel

A creative 24/7 training and discipleship ministry.

An outreach to boys on the streets in Ecuador.
A ministry of Youth World and One Collective.

Easter, 2018

A look back on 2017.


Video overview of Casa Gabriel

Every time any of our young men graduates from high school (an impressive milestone for a former street boy!) we celebrate their accomplishment and pray over their future.

In October 2016, Paulo - one of our Casa Gabriel participants - accepted Christ and asked to be baptized.  He was baptized by the pastor of the church we attend every Sunday. 

Life at Casa Gabriel

Photography class on Mount Pichincha

Beach Camping Retreat, 2014

Easter 2014

Work Day for Daniel's family

Chuyitayu Missions Outreach

Camping at Mount Cotopaxi, 2015

Graduation 2014: Jesus & Miguel

Christmas, 2015

Todo Lodo race! 2015


An older bu very relevant video showing how they boys transition from life on the streets to living in Casa Gabriel.

Check out the video for the song "Ecuador" by Rapflektion Worldwide, featuring three Casa Gabriel boys: Jesus, Alejandro, and Lizandro.