Casa Gabriel

A creative 24/7 training and discipleship ministry.

An outreach to boys on the streets in Ecuador.
A ministry of Youth World and One Collective.

Casa Gabriel unofficially began in 2001 as "The Quito Street Kids Training Ministry". Some of the Youth World staff were burdened by the boys that they saw living on the street and began to offer meals, a change of clothes and a Bible study one or two days per week. Later, Gabriel, a young Peruvian Christian who had also spent time on the streets and had been reaching out on his own to younger street kids heard about what Youth World was doing and was asked to partner with what was going on. For a time many of the boys slept in the former Youth World office. In 2003, under the leadership of Phil Douce, this outreach to street kids officially became Casa Gabriel, a ministry of Youth World and One Collective (formerly International Teams) with a strong vision of training and discipleship. In 2005 the home and property where the boys now reside was purchased. Casa Gabriel fulfilled the vision of not only a place to live, but to intentionally train and equip young men to become ambassadors for Jesus Christ.

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